3.2. kwant.builder – High-level construction of systems


Builder([symmetry, conservation_law, …])

A tight binding system defined on a graph.

Site(family, tag[, _i_know_what_i_do])

A site, member of a SiteFamily.

HoppingKind(delta, family_a[, family_b])

A pattern for matching hoppings.

SimpleSiteFamily([name, norbs])

A site family used as an example and for testing.

BuilderLead(builder, interface[, padding])

A lead made from a Builder with a spatial symmetry.

SelfEnergyLead(selfenergy_func, interface, …)

A general lead defined by its self energy.

ModesLead(modes_func, interface, parameters)

A general lead defined by its modes wave functions.


Finalized Builder with leads.

InfiniteSystem(builder[, interface_order])

Finalized infinite system, extracted from a Builder.

Abstract base classes

SiteFamily(canonical_repr, name, norbs)

Abstract base class for site families.


Abstract base class for spatial symmetries.


Abstract base class for leads that can be attached to a Builder.