kwant.solvers.default.wave_function(sys, energy=0, args=(), check_hermiticity=True)

Return a callable object for the computation of the wave function inside the scattering region.


sys : kwant.system.FiniteSystem

The low level system for which the wave functions are to be calculated.

args : tuple of arguments, or empty tuple

Positional arguments to pass to the function(s) which evaluate the hamiltonian matrix elements

check_hermiticity : bool

Check if the Hamiltonian matrices are Hermitian.


The returned object can be itself called like a function. Given a lead number, it returns a 2d NumPy array that contains the wave function within the scattering region due to each incoming mode of the given lead. Index 0 is the mode number, index 1 is the orbital number. The modes appear in the same order as incoming modes in kwant.physics.modes.


>>> wf = kwant.solvers.default.wave_function(some_sys, some_energy)
>>> wfs_of_lead_2 = wf(2)

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