kwant.continuum – Tools for continuum systems

4.4. kwant.continuum – Tools for continuum systems#


discretize(hamiltonian[, coords, grid, ...])

Construct a tight-binding model from a continuum Hamiltonian.

discretize_symbolic(hamiltonian[, coords, ...])

Discretize a continuous Hamiltonian into a tight-binding representation.

build_discretized(tb_hamiltonian, coords, *)

Create a template builder from a symbolic tight-binding Hamiltonian.

discretize_landau(hamiltonian, N[, momenta, ...])

Discretize a Hamiltonian in a basis of Landau levels.

Symbolic helpers#

sympify(expr[, locals])

Sympify object using special rules for Hamiltonians.

lambdify(expr[, locals])

Return a callable object for computing a continuum Hamiltonian.

to_landau_basis(hamiltonian[, momenta])

Replace two momenta by Landau level ladder operators.


LandauLattice(grid_spacing[, offset, name, ...])

A Monatomic lattice with a Landau level index per site.