kwant.solvers.default.ldos(sys, energy=0, args=(), check_hermiticity=True, *, params=None)[source]#

Calculate the local density of states of a system at a given energy.

An alias exists for this common name: kwant.ldos.

  • sys (kwant.system.FiniteSystem) – Low level system, containing the leads and the Hamiltonian of the scattering region.

  • energy (number) – Excitation energy at which to solve the scattering problem.

  • args (tuple of arguments, or empty tuple) – Positional arguments to pass to the function(s) which evaluate the hamiltonian matrix elements. Deprecated in favor of ‘params’ (and mutually exclusive with it).

  • check_hermiticity (bool) – Check if the Hamiltonian matrices are Hermitian.

  • params (dict, optional) – Dictionary of parameter names and their values. Mutually exclusive with ‘args’.


ldos – Local density of states at each orbital of the system.

Return type:

a NumPy array