kwant.plotter.sys_leads_hoppings(sys, num_lead_cells=2)[source]#

Return all the hoppings of the system and of the leads as an iterator.

  • sys (kwant.builder.Builder or kwant.system.System instance) – The system, sites of which should be returned.

  • num_lead_cells (integer) – The number of times lead sites from each lead should be returned. This is useful for showing several unit cells of the lead next to the system.


  • hoppings (list of (hopping, lead_number, copy_number) tuples) – A site is a Site instance if the system is not finalized, and an integer otherwise. For system sites lead_number is None and copy_number is 0, for leads both are integers.

  • lead_cells (list of slices) – lead_cells[i] gives the position of all the coordinates of lead i within hoppings.


Leads are only supported if they are of the same type as the original system, i.e. hoppings of BuilderLead leads are returned with an unfinalized system, and hoppings of InfiniteSystem leads are returned with a finalized system.