kwant.plotter.sys_leads_hopping_pos(sys, hop_lead_nr)[source]#

Return arrays of coordinates of all hoppings in a system.

  • sys (~kwant.builder.Builder or ~kwant.system.System instance) – The system, coordinates of sites of which should be returned.

  • hoppings (list of (hopping, leadnr, copynr) tuples) – Output of sys_leads_hoppings applied to the system.


coords – Array of coordinates of the hoppings. The first half of coordinates in each array entry are those of the first site in the hopping, the last half are those of the second site.

Return type:

(end_site, start_site): tuple of NumPy arrays of floats


This function uses site.pos property to get the position of a builder site and sys.pos(sitenr) for finalized systems. This function requires that all the positions of all the sites have the same dimensionality.