kwant.plotter.scalarplot(field, box, cmap=None, colorbar=True, file=None, show=True, dpi=None, fig_size=None, ax=None, vmin=None, vmax=None, background='#e0e0e0')[source]#

Draw a scalar field in Kwant style

Internally, this routine uses matplotlib’s imshow.

  • field (2d arraylike of float) – 2d scalar field to plot.

  • box (pair of pair of float) – the realspace extents of field: ((x0, x1), (y0, y1))

  • cmap (colormap, optional) – Colormap for the background color plot. When not set the colormap “kwant_red” is used by default.

  • colorbar (bool, default: True) – Whether to show a colorbar if a colormap is used. Ignored if ax is provided.

  • file (string or file object, optional) – The output file. If not provided, output will be shown instead.

  • show (bool, default: True) – Whether is to be called, and the output is to be shown immediately.

  • dpi (float, optional) – Number of pixels per inch. If not set the matplotlib default is used.

  • fig_size (tuple, optional) – Figure size (width, height) in inches. If not set, the default matplotlib value is used.

  • ax (matplotlib.axes.Axes instance, optional) – If ax is provided, no new figure is created, but the plot is done within the existing Axes ax. in this case, file, show, dpi and fig_size are ignored.

  • vmin (float, optional) – The lower/upper saturation limit for the colormap.

  • vmax (float, optional) – The lower/upper saturation limit for the colormap.

  • background (matplotlib color spec) – Areas outside the system are filled with this color.


fig – A figure with the output if ax is not set, else None.

Return type:

matplotlib figure