3.4. kwant.plotter – Plotting of systems

Plotting routines

plot(sys[, num_lead_cells, unit, …]) Plot a system in 2 or 3 dimensions.
map(sys, value[, colorbar, cmap, vmin, …]) Show interpolated map of a function defined for the sites of a system.
density(syst, density[, relwidth]) Show an interpolated density defined on the sites of a system.
current(syst, current[, relwidth]) Show an interpolated current defined for the hoppings of a system.
bands(sys[, args, momenta, file, show, dpi, …]) Plot band structure of a translationally invariant 1D system.
spectrum(syst, x[, y, params, mask, file, …]) Plot the spectrum of a Hamiltonian as a function of 1 or 2 parameters
streamplot(field, box[, cmap, bgcolor, …]) Draw streamlines of a flow field in Kwant style
scalarplot(field, box[, cmap, colorbar, …]) Draw a scalar field in Kwant style

Helper functions

interpolate_current(syst, current[, …]) Interpolate currents in a system onto a regular grid.
interpolate_density(syst, density[, …]) Interpolate density in a system onto a regular grid.
sys_leads_sites(sys[, num_lead_cells]) Return all the sites of the system and of the leads as a list.
sys_leads_hoppings(sys[, num_lead_cells]) Return all the hoppings of the system and of the leads as an iterator.
sys_leads_pos(sys, site_lead_nr) Return an array of positions of sites in a system.
sys_leads_hopping_pos(sys, hop_lead_nr) Return arrays of coordinates of all hoppings in a system.
mask_interpolate(coords, values[, a, …]) Interpolate a scalar function in vicinity of given points.