class kwant.physics.Bands(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: object

Class of callable objects for the computation of energy bands.

  • sys (kwant.system.InfiniteSystem) – The low level infinite system for which the energies are to be calculated.

  • args (tuple, defaults to empty) – Positional arguments to pass to the hamiltonian method. Deprecated in favor or ‘params’ (and mutually exclusive with it).

  • params (dict, optional) – Dictionary of parameter names and their values. Mutually exclusive with ‘args’.


An instance of this class can be called like a function. Given a momentum (currently this must be a scalar as all infinite systems are quasi-1-d), it returns a NumPy array containing the eigenenergies of all modes at this momentum. If derivative_order > 0 or return_eigenvectors = True, additional arrays are returned.


>>> bands = kwant.physics.Bands(some_syst)
>>> momenta = numpy.linspace(-numpy.pi, numpy.pi, 101)
>>> energies = [bands(k) for k in momenta]
>>> pyplot.plot(momenta, energies)


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