kwant.plotter.bands(sys, args=(), momenta=65, file=None, show=True, dpi=None, fig_size=None, ax=None, *, params=None)[source]

Plot band structure of a translationally invariant 1D system.


A system bands of which are to be plotted.

argstuple, defaults to empty

Positional arguments to pass to the hamiltonian method. Deprecated in favor of ‘params’ (and mutually exclusive with it).

momentaint or 1D array-like

Either a number of sampling points on the interval [-pi, pi], or an array of points at which the band structure has to be evaluated.

filestring or file object or None

The output file. If None, output will be shown instead.


Whether is to be called, and the output is to be shown immediately. Defaults to True.


Number of pixels per inch. If not set the matplotlib default is used.


Figure size (width, height) in inches. If not set, the default matplotlib value is used.

axmatplotlib.axes.Axes instance or None

If ax is not None, no new figure is created, but the plot is done within the existing Axes ax. in this case, file, show, dpi and fig_size are ignored.

paramsdict, optional

Dictionary of parameter names and their values. Mutually exclusive with ‘args’.

figmatplotlib figure

A figure with the output if ax is not set, else None.


See Bands for the calculation of dispersion without plotting.

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