4.1. kwant.system – Low-level interface of systems

This module is the binding link between constructing tight-binding systems and doing calculations with these systems. It defines the interface which any problem-solving algorithm should be able to access, independently on how the system was constructed. This is achieved by using python abstract base classes (ABC) – classes, which help to ensure that any derived classes implement the necessary interface.

Any system which is provided to a solver should be derived from the appropriate class in this module, and every solver can assume that its input corresponds to the interface defined here.

System Abstract general low-level system.
InfiniteSystem Abstract infinite low-level system.
FiniteSystem Abstract finite low-level system, possibly with leads.
PrecalculatedLead([modes, selfenergy]) A general lead defined by its self energy.

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4.1.1. kwant.system.System

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