3.3. kwant.lattice – Bravais lattices

3.3.1. General

TranslationalSymmetry(*periods) A translational symmetry defined in real space.
general(prim_vecs[, basis, name]) Create a Bravais lattice of any dimensionality, with any number of sites.
Monatomic(prim_vecs[, offset, name]) A Bravais lattice with a single site in the basis.
Polyatomic(prim_vecs, basis[, name]) A Bravais lattice with an arbitrary number of sites in the basis.

3.3.2. Library of lattices

chain([a, name]) Make a one-dimensional lattice.
square([a, name]) Make a square lattice.
triangular([a, name]) Make a triangular lattice.
honeycomb([a, name]) Make a honeycomb lattice.
kagome([a, name]) Make a kagome lattice.